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About Atilia

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A singer and songwriter, her adult contemporary sound is soulful and contemplative yet deals with universal themes of life and love to which anyone can relate.

Atilia has already dabbled in the music industry from a young age. She has a rich musical heritage and has given strong indications of her talent since young. When Atilia was 12 years old, she was selected as the lead singer for a regional Coca-Cola commercial representing Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in Liverpool, England. Two years later, she recorded a duet with her mother in Kadang Kala in the latters album Menghitung Hari.

At the ripe old age of 32, Atilia is now set to share her music and her words with the public even though she had signed up with RAP almost ten years ago. One of the hardest lessons I have learned being under Roslans wing is patience, and knowing when it is right to make my debut. For the past ten years, Ive been concentrating on improving my music, writing songs, exposing myself to different ideas and also sharpening my focus and becoming more disciplined about my music. Now, I feel I am ready!

I know that making it in the music industry is very tough, my mother has been very open with the opportunities as well as the tribulations this career brings. She has brought me up with a balanced view of what it takes to pursue singing as a career its not all glitz and glamour, in fact its a lot of hard work and one has to be able to deal with the uncertainties in terms of career future and growth. That is also another reason why I feel I am ready mentally and emotionally now to make my mark in the industry.

Because Atilia is not a conventional artist, we are not marketing her in the conventional way, said Roslan Aziz. Instead of the usual approach where a new artist releases an album, we are taking an alternative route whereby we will build her fan base via selected showcase performances, radio airplay and the release of her first single Salah Sangka at selected music outlets only, he explained.

Roslan intends to build up the demand for her music and when the time is right, he and Atilia will unleash her album to the fans. This innovative marketing approach is meant to tease and tantalise the fans into wanting more and then catering to that need.

Jingles Belle
The Evolution & Metamorphosis Of Atilia

Atilia is set to be the next generation of crooners in Malaysia. Being the daughter Salamiah Hassan, one of the most renowned jazz and evergreen singers in the country, Atilia feels the tag of being known as the “daughter of” has its advantages as well as its setbacks.

ImageNo one wants to be in the shadows of another. But with my mum, I take it as a blessing and privilege. After all without her, where would I be now? Heh heh. She was my drive, my catalyst, my support and the shoulder that I cry on when I needed to bawl out. In all, no one can have a better best friend than what I have with my mum”. “Love u  Ma!”. says Atilia.

Born in the southern state of Johor, Atilia grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and comes from a family of 4 siblings…she being the eldest. Blessed with the closeness and support of her family; being closely knit helps boost her confidence in creating some of the finest and memorable melodies in this country. This is evident in her debut album, “Sangkar” that was launched in March 2007 and marketed domestically in June 2007.

Not alien to the music scene, Atilia evolved into what she is now, from when she started singing at the age of eight.

She sang the first jingle for Kentucky Fried Chicken at the age of nine and that was the beginning of her career in sound and music.

The force behind her talent in writing music for herself as well as for producing jingles is her late grandma, who was also a reputable songwriter.

In 1996, Roslan Aziz, the Sultan of Soul in Malaysia and the man behind the likes of Sheila Majid and Zainal Abidin and the head of Roslan Aziz Productions or RAP, spotted and heard Atilia and produced and recorded her first single “Pelangi Mimpi” which was then included in the “RAP Compilation ‘96” which included other upcoming artistes then which included Amir Yusoff and Afdlin Shauki.

Between 1996 and 2000 while waiting for her musical genius to brew, Atilia worked with Amir Yusoff’s “Aquarius” album; with Sasi the Don’s “The Tide is High”; with Poetic Ammo on “Pass the Honey” and of course with Salamiah Hassan.

Her inspirations derived from the likes of Sade, Earth, Wind & Fire, Incognito, Brand New Heavies, Sheila Majid, Azlina Aziz, Khatijah Ibrahim, Fairuz Hussein, Andien, Maliq and d’ Essentials, Tompi & The Bali Lounge Album.

Her favourite Malay R&B album is Sheila Majid’s “Ratu”.

Since the launch of her album Sangkar at the end of March 2007, Atilia, the new name in Malaysian Contemporary Jazz has made several performances and appearances with incredible reception and response.

With her recent performances at No Black Tie, she performed to a packed house with incredible response from her audience and listeners. And she had just embarked on her musical career.

Not an infant to the music industry, she worked on her album under the guidance and tutelage of the Sultan of Malaysian Soul, Roslan Aziz and the new rising star in production, Jason Voo, for 6 years - to develop an album that is timeless. The lyrics are distinctively simplistic Bahasa Melayu that only she and Mukhlis Nor could formulate and synthesize.

If you are thinking of an album for chillin’ – Sangkar is most appropriate. With soothing vocals, juxtaposed with great composition, lyrics and arrangements, Sangkar is set to be an album that will be categorised as - a classic, as most who have heard it would agree.

This musical prodigy, wrote most of the songs in her album with extensive lyrical contribution by Mukhlis Nor, the genius in putting words and sounds perfectly together.

The long and tedious process of creating such an album is borne by the fact that the producer and co-producer who are meticulous perfectionists, will never release something that they feel is incomplete and unfinished until all sounds, lyrics and style of singing is more than perfect.

With musicians line-up that is second to none in this country, Roslan Aziz and Jason Voo has managed to make this album a truly Urban Malay compilation that will expand to the vast majority, walks of life - penetrating and permeating to all those who appreciate good and soulful music.

When you first listen to Atilia, many associate her with likeness of Sheila Majid, who coincidentally is one of her mentors. After a couple of listens, you will appreciate and acknowledge the distinct difference between Atilia and Sheila.

The similarity may be due to the arrangements of music, but the vocals as you will hear, is evident in difference.

Atilia sings in the most simplistic manner, without the need for vocal acrobatics to impress capabilities of reaching several octaves. All she desire, is to project and tell stories in a musical and soothing manner that will have you glued to your speakers to hear the crispness and clarity of her voice.

With musical contributions from Indonesian jazz crooner, Tompi and composers of the likes of Ajai, Will Ng and Yuriz, Atilia’s varied musical styles makes this album that is not monotonous and pleasant to listen to.

It hasn’t been easy task to market such genres, especially with the plethora of new talents in Malaysia and Indonesia. Recording companies are wary and fearful of marketing such genres as they feel it may not be as profitable as most other sellable genres and pop music that are readily available in the market.

After the daunting process of going from one recording company to another to convince them of the genius in the compilation that she and the producers have created, ultimately and fortunately, EMI Malaysia, decided to take her on to distribute her sounds within the region. A risk, that will not be in vain, futile or wasted.

Music Video – “Sangkar”

ImageAtilia’s first music video Sangkar, was wholly and fully sponsored by PRS Films and VHQ Productions. It was a project that was different than most and had several locations that were shot at. The most distinctive one was the underwater scene, where both film crew and Atilia worked till the early hours of the morning.

The shoot, directed by Sean Chan of PRS Films, miraculously was completed in 2 days with an extremely tight schedule. It was the perfect shoot where everything went incredibly and perfectly right. Even the birds and horse that were used in the video were most cooperative. Probably one of the most expensive music videos ever produced in Malaysia, the creative and artistic talents of those involved in the production of this video would most likely position itself to at least be nominated in Malaysian and regional video and musical awards. The cost of the production of the video is within the range of between RM200,000 to RM300,000.

Future plans for Atilia may be collaborations with various talents and producers from Malaysia and Indonesia to provide the opportunity for her to emanate her various soulful styles in similar genres from different producers. Atilia has also been selected as one of the ambassadors for an upcoming Lancôme campaign in 2007.

Even at the initial stages of her recent solo musical career, Atilia has and will be participating in charity driven events such as at the recent Miss Read’s 10th Anniversary event, The Everyday is Green day Triple 7 event that is organised by Suria FM and the UN and the upcoming Glam magazine event for the Malaysian Red Crescent. With a bubbly disposition and a sexy laugh, Atilia is the new life in Malaysian music that all should watch out for. She is and will be the new darling of Malaysian music.

Music Video - Ranjau

ImageRanjau the 2nd of Atilia’s Music Video, has a cast of many talented and beautiful actors, models and individuals who are close and personal friends to Atilia. Their participations has made this video to be one that does not depict the happiness and prettiness of individuals when a Music Video is produced. It portrays emotional realism that is in contrast with the melody of the music.

Atilia acts and sings as an angelic narrator who calms and soothes those affected to relay the message that all is not lost when you experience a downturn or go through your lowest cycle in life. It explains that through all the problems, sadness and disappointments in life, life will go on and things will return to normality with hope for a better future or resolution in life. Produced by Carrot Films under the direction of Henry Ooi, this video revolves around women and men going through the trials and tribulations of life’s challenges.

The cast includes some of Malaysia’s top icons in film, music and fashion. It’s cast include Vanida Imran, Tengku Azura, Nur, Irene Santiago, Merlissa Zainal, Alif of “Loudspeaker”; Apple of Carrot Films, Vivien of Carrot Films, Zairi Che Pa, Muzzamil, Teejay John Charles, Geraldine and Suzie Borhan.

Other Achievements

P Ramlee The Musical


Her recent participation in P Ramlee the musical, playing the role of P Ramlee’s first wife, Junaidah, brought her to another level that surprised everyone, even herself, of the ability to act, sing and dance all at the same time. Her cheeky attribute in the musical attracted many attention from the general public and those who watched her perform.

Sehati Berdansa
She went on and was invited to then perform in a reality of husband and wife team dancing together – a programme called “Sehati Berdansa” where she expanded her talents of dancing with great accolades. Unfortunately, being new to the industry, she didn’t manage to obtain the votes that she had hoped for. “I don’t regret it one bit. It brought me closer to my husband, Ariff; it provided me great experience in dance, thanks to our choreographer, Alla and the people who were involved and behind this programme”. It was very challenging and totally exhausting, as I had to juggle performances and dancing in this programme simultaneously. The experience was incredible and  invaluable”.

She has been invited to appear on many tv and radio talk shows and am grateful to everyone who have invited her and help boost her exposure and confidence.


Anugerah ERA
Atilia was recently included in the nominations for Anugerah Era (The Malaysian equivalent of the MTV Awards) for the following categories:

Best New Artiste
Best Female Vocalist
Best Pop Song for Wajah Yang Ku Rindu

Glam Magazine
She was selected to be the top 20 most glamorous in Malaysia by Glam Magazine in 2007.

Anugerah Bintang Popular
She was also nominated in Berita Harian’s Bintang Popular for Best New Artiste this 2008.

EH! Magazine

She was also selected to be the top 20 most anggun [alluring] women in Malaysia.

Her prayers now, is to hopefully be nominated and at least win an award in the Aungerah Industri Music 2007. “God, I hope you’re on my side. Please let me share my music with everyone and hopefully and ultimately bring Malaysian music to the world.” she remarks with sincere conviction and hope.

Anugerah Industri Music 2008
Nominated for the following categories:
Best new artiste
Best Female Vocals in an album
Best Video

Listen and you will understand why.

Java Jazz 2008


Atilia performed at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2008. Being in the realm of the some of the most amazing jazz artistes around the world, Atilia used to go to Java Jazz as a spectator only to be a part of it to perform there this 2008.

The response at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2008 was incredible with the general Indonesian listeners appreciating her music and even remarked that “At last another talent from Malaysia has arrived”.

Sunburst KL 2008

Atilia had the privilege performing at Sunburst KL 2008 on Mac 15 2008 at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club amogst international artiste such as Incognito, The Roots, Raul Midon, Incubus, John Legend, Che'nelle, Tompi, Gigi and many more.

P Ramlee The Musical – Singapore 1st run and Kuala Lumpur 2nd run
P Ramlee The Musical will have make in debut in Singapore in May 2008 at the Esplanade Singapore.

A 2nd run of this musical will take place in Kuala Lumpur again at the end of May 2008. See her play her role as Junaidah, P Ramlee’s first wife.

Atilia’s album Sangkar is available at most record stores in Peninsular and East Malaysia.



Majulah Midwest Games 2008
Song/ Lyrics: Amirah Ameer Ali
Take A Listen

Malaysian Midwest Games - In celebration of the 2008's Malaysian Midwest Games, held at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in May. Atilia Haron was given the privilege to sing the  Midwest Games theme song this year. Highest appreciation to Amirah Ameer Ali who wrote and compose the "Majulah Midwest Games" song.


Full Name: Raja Putri Atilia bt Raja Haron

Age: 36 

Birthdate: 15th September 1974

Place of Birth: Muar, Johor

Occupation: Regional Executive Producer, Imaginex Studios KL and Jakarta. Singer, Songwriter

Mom’s Name: Salamiah Hassan

Dad’s Name: Raja Haron Raja Aziz

Siblings: Eldest of 4

Marital Status: Single

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