• Atilia : Indah
  • Atilia : Indah
  • Atilia : Indah
  • Atilia : Indah

ATILIA’s INDAH album will finally grace our airwaves and ears this coming Tuesday 15 June 2010.

INDAH will prove to be an interesting mix of genres that will include, the ubiquitous Jazz sounds that is heard in most of her songs; a little bit of RnB and Bossa Nova.

This album produced by Atlia, Tok Khon (TK) of the Phunk Mob and Adam Sofian Mazlan of Bsync Productions is touted to be a memorable compilation that includes an interesting mix of producers and performers.

Atilia the Hon
“Sangkar” – The Debut

It’s like finding that needle in the haystack. A gem find. A long awaited moment of finally discovering a voice that defines the best from the rest. At long last!

The long awaited blooming of Atilia to come out and manifest her soul to us all - is finally here.

The album “Sangkar” has been in the pipes for the past 10 years. A long journey with an arrival that shouts – “It’s ready!”. She’s ready! It was just a matter of time.

Sangkar is Atilia’s debut album. Produced by Roslan Aziz and co-produced by Jason Voo and Mukhlis Nor, Sangkar has progressively and carefully been directed and arranged to create timeless music that is soothing, smooth, rapturous and sensual – with beautifully written lyrics and carefully controlled musical arrangements, Atilia whispers sweetness into the sounds and words that make listeners close their eyes and taken to another plateau of ecstasy.

About Atilia

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A singer and songwriter, her adult contemporary sound is soulful and contemplative yet deals with universal themes of life and love to which anyone can relate.

Atilia has already dabbled in the music industry from a young age. She has a rich musical heritage and has given strong indications of her talent since young. When Atilia was 12 years old, she was selected as the lead singer for a regional Coca-Cola commercial representing Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in Liverpool, England. Two years later, she recorded a duet with her mother in Kadang Kala in the latters album Menghitung Hari.

At the ripe old age of 32, Atilia is now set to share her music and her words with the public even though she had signed up with RAP almost ten years ago. One of the hardest lessons I have learned being under Roslans wing is patience, and knowing when it is right to make my debut. For the past ten years, Ive been concentrating on improving my music, writing songs, exposing myself to different ideas and also sharpening my focus and becoming more disciplined about my music. Now, I feel I am ready!


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